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Stacy Ann Fisher
 Founder / President
 Stacy has lived in the southern part of New Jersey area her whole life.  After receiving a degree in Elementary Education, Stacy was a director for a corporate childcare business for more than eight years. She has worked in the local public school system and also had worked with an Early Intervention Program. She volunteers for various charities in her community and has been a member of another local nonprofit’s Board of Directors.The idea for The Robin Hood Project started when Stacy, along with her husband and 2 children, would bring their own goods to needy families in their community on a regular basis. In 2008, friends and family members began donating the items and storing them in Stacy’s garage until they could be taken to needy local families. As this simple project of giving began to grow, she and her husband realized there were a lot people in the community who needed this kind of help – and they were ready to give it.  With that thought in mind, Stacy decided to undertake the process of making this simple act of neighbor helping neighbor into the ongoing work of a non-profit organization.  And so The Robin Hood Project was born.
 Robert Lewis  
Vice President 

  Robert is our "go to guy" to make all necessary arrangements to pick up and deliver donated items. His calm and thoughtful nature always guides our Board in the right direction with our decisions.His managerial experience and people skills are irreplaceable. Robert also gives of his time volunteering for other community groups in our area, including a local soccer league for children.Robert grew up in Cumberland County and now resides in Salem county with his wife and two children.

  Matthew Fisher, MD 
 Matthew grew up in Vineland and returned to the area after completing his medical training.  Matthew has been a physician in our community for more than 11 years now and has worked in his own pediatric practice called Pediatric Associates for over 11 years now. Besides being a board member for The Robin Hood Project, he also sits on the board of another local non-profit organization. Matthew brings his practical business experience to The Robin Hood Project as well as a desire to help our community’s families. On days off from his full time medical practice, he is dedicated to helping The Robin Hood Project get the donations to where they belong.  He has also taken on the role as the Board’s Treasurer to secure our finances and insure that we remain in good standing as a non-profit organization.       
Robin Lewis

  Robin has a Business/Insurance Bachelors degree and currently works with Bollinger Insurance Inc. She grew up in the Cumberland County area and now lives in Salem County.She is the mother of two boys.

Penny Sager-Rossi
  Board Member